From the Tree Museum:

Puddle Tales, 

A Reflective Perspective

The Roots 

(The Elements of this series)

by Laura Burton

I imagine a tree

I see security


familiar bark

the trunk, without a touch

indubitably cool and rough

The pulse of sunlight

flickering above

hypnotic and heavenly

tickling the canopy of leaves

playfully swaying on the branches

bending toward the sky

Blithely being and

that’s always

more than enough

Admiring the susurrations

the sensation

of exchange

as the wind whispers,

a cascade of creation

connected through lifetimes,

symbolic of lifelines,

healing and home

A nod to thee on the path

of my youth

when I felt most free

My pursuit to pay tribute,

The Reflective Perspective,

a series to sustain and praise

the glory days of generations

Growing to witness

the evolution of humanity

and the planet

Dedicated to


how every element and moment

can combine

to create splendid






it pools

in places

to provide

a picture

of what the tree sees

reflecting below

Sun above

air around

integral to all

We are spectators


in the moment

as each new scene unfolds

Every context

captures the essence

of your grandeur

With absolute gratitude

I immortalize your presence

by displaying your beauty

in the proud puddle

beneath your

precious, perfect boughs

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The Tree Museum: Puddle Tales, 

A Reflective Perspective

“The Show”

Trending now is the

shape of your bough, your steady

stance brings strength to all

“The Journey”

Life gives us options

Find a way to discover

All you’re looking for

“The Discovery”

Beauty is in the

Most unusual places

Often some dirt helps 

“The Wish”

Discover a place

You’ve always wanted to go

And make it happen


Water, stone, clay, mud

Sky and trees to make the scene

Beautiful new view 

“The Lot”

What we are given

Is put on display each day

Look at the beauty


There’s so much beauty

In every passing moment

How can you miss one?


You get to decide

Do you really see it all?

Should you look closer?


Some people just see

Rain as an inconvenience

Drops delight others

“Time Together”

It’s easy to see

Positivity near by

It’s yours to decide


Another moment

A pause captures the instance

You are satisfied 

“Delicacy ”

We come together

It’s humans verses nature

We dine on what’s dear

“The Way”

You are on the path

Closer to feeling at ease

Time will find your smile

“The Muse”

Inspiration strikes

When you are gifted with some

Free time and some rain 


Preoccupied by

Natural charms like a tree

Poised there perfectly

“Looking Back”

Some moments are there

To remind us of the last

Time we hoped for more

“Spanish Wells”

We chose each other

Things were coming together

We are meant to be

“The Palm”

A symbol of sun

Here you are alive and  free

No worries just light

“Living in Paradise”

It’s the Golden Hour

Unites us in every place

Across miles and home

“An Oasis”

Find a space or place

Where you can let go and be

Your own greatest love 


We witness, we watch

The sure way the days play out

Today is the gift 

“Prime Time”

Time is an idea

That controls and leads the way

Be kind to yourself  

“The Gift”

Once there was a time

When everyone stopped to see

What you give to me

“The Pursuit”

Rain comes here and there

So the puddle seems so rare

Take time to look down 


Poised, ready, and here

Waiting to be discovered

Pause, capture, reflect


A highlight today

Keeps us going tomorrow

Now can be happy


Enveloped in time

Captured once for all to see

Urging us to stay


Where were you when you

First thought to discover life

Is living for now?


Painted skies engaged

This moment now forever

Pure Satisfaction


A unique moment

A spot in time when all fits

Intent and purpose


Time is such a gift

The moment you feel alive

Pause to notice it

"Two Worlds"

We exist to know

we are alive and well

to thrive is divine

"One Fine Day"

Cool breeze, warm sunlight

captivates and holds this time

For you, remember.


Think of childhood

 time when you could get lost in



Daily surprises

Every time you stop to see

The beauty is yours


Another day done

How did today shine for you?

These moments are life

"A New View"

You must strive to see

The splendid mundanity

Everywhere you go

"Follow Your Heart"

Sometimes you're given

A space to showcase your love

Universal gift


So much depends on

the way the rain touches earth

It remains vital

"For the Trees"

Finding a way to

express gratitude to you.

One of life's great joys


Looking  for a scene

that will properly display

your glorious sight


Lots of rain brings lots

of opportunities to

hunt for ways you shine

"A Calling"

Listen to what makes

your heart sing as this is what

you should make time for


They're all around us

everywhere and we need them

to exist, to breathe


Have you ever found

something great and wonderful

it's a divine plan

"Perfectly Imperfect"

Awarded by your 

beauty, and imperfect way

I'm forever changed

"Hold On"

Hold on to what makes

you stop to seek, to find, to

capture forever


Some images spark

a memory of something

that hasn't happened

"Abstract Engagement"

When man- made lines meet

the lines designed by nature

we have wedded bliss

"The Hunt"

Cool breeze, warm sunlight

captivates and holds this time

For you, remember.

"No End"

When you meet a friend

in nature, you will find you're

never left alone


How does one become

blessed enough to know how to

appreciate all

"A Light in the Grey"

Not every day

is made with sunshine and light

bleak has blessings too


When desired parts

join together to create

a true work of art

"At Last"

I finally found

a way for us to unite

with these giving trees


Look around at the

way the Earth demonstrates love

more precious than gold

"Wild Blue"

Captured and kept close

Another local tribute

Earth marries the sky


Often we're given

gifts in the most unlikely

spaces and places


You feel it calling

In those unexpected ways

Across time and miles 


Consider the space

and the place that comforts you

It's there you're alive

"The Gold"

Sometimes the greatest

treasures emerge in the most

populated spots


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